Lawn Drainage Systems, Vancouver

Does your lawn puddle or have standing water? Poor drainage in lawns can be devastating toward your lawn health. In the Vancouver area we receive a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year, good quality drainage is essential for optimal lawn health. If you’re considering the installation of a new lawn, now is the time to install a new drainage system for your yard.

Benefits of a good quality lawn drainage system:

A good lawn drainage system will prevent yard hazards and help keep your lawn healthy. Rainfall may collect in low spots in your lawn and cause your lawn to become hazardous.

Management of rainwater with a good quality lawn drain system is a great way to collect runoff water from your property and direct the water to away from your lawn area.

A properly installed lawn drain should prevent standing water in your lawn and excessive water build up around your yard.

Prevent mosquitos. Standing water in your lawn area may be contributing to mosquito populations around your home.

Installation of your new lawn drainage system

Before trenching in your yard, identification of utilities should be located. Before installing your new system a water outlet point should be discussed. We can direct standing water into a retention pool, tap into existing drain lines around your home, direct the water to a culvert or send the water out to the curb side.

Lawn drainage systems utilize trenches fitted with perforated pipes laid as to allow for positive flow of water. Trenches are then back filled with a good quality drainage material throughout the low lying lawn area. Water is then directed to drain basins and then from there away from your lawn area.

How to get pricing for installation of a new lawn drainage system

If you require a lawn drain, contact BC Instant Lawns and Landscapes by telephone or use the form on this page. We can make arrangements for an on site estimate for your lawn drain system.

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