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Richmond, British Columbia Sod and Top Soil Supplier

Looking to plant a real grass lawn? We carry sod rolls and top soil for delivery into Richmond. Now ordering is super easy online. Your new lawn is only steps away...

We also supply many selections of top soil blends for planters, flower gardens, raised garden beds, vegetable gardens, lawn top dressing and planter boxes.

Get Prices, Order Sod and Top Soil Online

You may get a price quote and order sod rolls and top soil for delivery: Get a Price and Order Sod and Top Soil for new lawns in Richmond

Sod is supplied to you on pallets. In some cases for smaller order we will hand unload your order. Please allow 24-48 hours notice for delivery and in some cases during busy season we may require 3 days notice. We may be able to fulfill short notice order / special requests by telephone call. We list our current delivery availability online for your information.

Special Offer on Sod and Top Soil Orders

We offer a 10% discount when you order sod rolls and turf blend top soil together. You still get two separate deliveries on different days, if you choose, we appreciate your business and want you to have the best quality lawn using only top quality products. Use the link below to order your sod and soil together:

Save 10% on Sod and Soil Together

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We supply sod and soil in: Steveston, Lansdowne, East Richmond. We carry sod grass rolls and top soil for use by: Home owners, Golf Courses, Municipalities, Sport Fields and Commercial Landscape Projects.

Sod Selections And Choices For Richmond

Our sod / turf grass varieties for the Richmond Area include: West Coast Blend Type Sod (Most Commonly used by home owners), Supreme Bluegrass (No Netting), Shade Blend Sod, Drought Tolerant Sod and Chafer Beetle Resistant Blend Sod. View all of our sod selections here.

Top Soil Mixes We Supply in Richmond For Sodded Lawns

Having a good quality top soil for a new lawn is required to grow your new sod healthy with a strong root system. BC Instant Lawns carries a turf blend type top soil that is composed of approx. 70% washed sand to allow for a compaction free sub base and well draining lawn area. Top soil is available in bulk quantities for delivery only in to Richmond. If you need help determining how much soil you need, we have a helpful tool included in the link below. To determine how many cubic yards of top soil you will require you will need your square footage of the area and the depth of top soil you would prefer. For all sodded areas, top soil depths should be no less than 3 inches. Our turf blend type soil is a specialty designed products to plant new sod in. BC Instant Lawns has used this mixture in all of our installations throughout Richmond for the past 20 years.

To Order Turf Blend Top Soil Click Here


Other Top Soil Blends We Provide

We supply top soils for Planters, Vegetable Gardens, Lawn Top Dressing and top soil ammenders. Top soil is sold by the cubic yard and delivered. Use the link below to view all of our top soil products:

Other Top Soils Click Here


Richmond Sodding Service

Looking at replacing your old lawn and planting new sod? BC Instant Lawns is a sod and sodding company that specializes in lawn replacements and re-sodding your old lawn area. Get a free instant estimate here. We will complete any size sod project. We can normally service you within a week.

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Sod and Top Soil Availability / Delivery Schedule

Please check out our Current Delivery Schedule in Richmond. Please allow at least 24 hours notice for delivery. If you need your sod or top soil order sooner, please call us at 604-454-4954, we may be able to fulfill short notice orders directly from one of our local sodding projects. You will still need to complete an online order here

Do you have questions or need assistance? Complete the form below, we call you within a few moments.