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Sod or turf rolls delivered to Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, BC

BC Instant Lawns is an Installer and supplier of sod to Whistler / Squamish / Pemberton, BC.

We also supply a quality turf blend type top soil to your area. Use the link next to get pricing and place an order.

sod delivery

sod installation

You may order on-line and get a price for delivery of your sod order by clicking here from our on-line Lawn Sod store.

We normally require a weeks notice to arrange a delivery. Please call us at 604-454-4954 to discuss the next sod delivery.

We supply and install throughout the Squamish / Whistler / Pemberton area. For areas with a significant amount of snowfall in British Columbia we would recommend using our kentucky bluegrass blend which will have a much better chance of survival through the winter months. This sod blend, specifically grown for the Squamish / Whistler / Pemberton area, is grown on a natural sand base and contains no plastic meshing. Visit our turf varieties for more information on turfgrasses ideal for the Squamish to Pemberton area.

All sod is cut fresh to order directly from the turf farm and shipped out the same day. We suggest that the new sod be installed immediately or within 24 hours of receiving. Before placing your order to Squamish, Whistler or the Pemberton area you should be completely preppared with soil. If you are looking for a delivery of soil you may get pricing and place an order by visiting our on-line store.

We do charge a refundable pallet deposit with orders exceeding 30 rolls. When you have installed your new sod, you may call us and we will provide you with a sod pallet return location, if we have another delivery in Squamish, Whistler or Pemberton you may be able to meet the truck and return turf pallets.


Click here to visit our on-line Lawn Sod Store

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